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Membership Standing Rules

Bayside Swimming Club
Standing Rules and Procedures

In addition to the Bylaws, the Board of Trustees of Bayside Swimming Club has established the following Standing Rules and Procedures:


  1. Active stockholders shall pay annual membership dues of $625.
  2. Inactive stockholders shall pay annual membership dues of $225.
  3. Summer members shall pay summer membership dues of $900.
  4. Membership fees are due each year by the date indicated on the invoice. Members who pay after that date must pay an additional $50 late payment fee per month for each month their fees remain unpaid.
  5. Members who fail to select their annual memberships status by the date indicated in the annual renewal email will be charged a $50 late fee. Members who have still not selected their annual membership status by seven (7) days prior to the dues payment deadline will be automatically assigned INACTIVE status and will be charged the $225 inactive membership fee plus all applicable late fees.
  6. The cost to be placed on the waiting list shall be $50.
  7. The cost to replace a lost membership card shall be $5.


  1. The price of Bayside Swimming Club stock shall be $3,000.
  2. Members must notify the membership chair by March 1 that they intend to sell their stock. Members who notify the membership chair after that date will be charged a $50 late fee.
  3. A $50 stock transaction fee shall be paid by the buyer in addition to the price of the stock.
  4. A $50 stock transaction fee shall be deducted from the proceeds paid to the seller.
  5. In the event of the divorce, dissolution of domestic partnership, or death of a member family, there shall be no fee charged to reissue stock in the name of the spouse/domestic partner retaining membership.
  6. Other than transfers covered under rule #5, transfers can only be made from a parent to a child. For such transfers, a single $50 stock transaction fee will be charged. If the stock is being sold by the parent and purchased by the child, the $50 fee shall be deducted from the proceeds paid to the parent. If the stock is simply being transferred, the $50 fee will be charged to the child.
  7. There shall be no stock transactions from May 1 to September 30.


  1. The dates and hours of operation shall be as posted at the pool and on the website.
  2. Rules for the use of the pool shall be as posted at the pool and on the website.
  3. Inactive members shall receive two family passes, which entitle family members as a group to use the pool on two separate occasions. In addition, inactive members may use the pool as the guest of an active member. When using the pool as a guest, all guest rules shall apply.
  4. Stockholders in arrears shall have no rights to use the pool.
  5. Guest fees are $5 per day, per person, including adults who use the pool or hot tub. Guest passes are available in books of 10 passes for $45. Guest fee rules shall be as posted at the pool and on the website.
  6. Each family who helps at the Annual Cleanup in the spring shall receive five (5) free guest passes.
  7. Active and Summer members may rent the pool for use after regular operating hours. The rental rate is $150 (plus a handling fee) for two (2) hours (for up to 50 people) and requires full payment when you make your reservation. Parties of 51 to 75 people (max) will be charged an additional $25. If you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so by emailing the club president at least 10 days prior to your reservation date to receive a refund, less a $25 non-refundable fee. If you cancel less than 10 days out, you forfeit your entire payment. (The handling fee is non-refundable regardless of the reason for the cancellation.). The available rental times shall be as posted on the website.
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